For people who were literally starving for good television on Monday nights, TBS Superstation turned the living room into the ultimate kitchen with this ultra-popular combination of America’s most popular movies and great recipes based on them. The Superstation followed up each week’s episode with a “second helping,” a special encore movie and recipe airing after the first movie.

Prods_Thumbnail_DAM DINNER & A MOVIE delighted movie and cooking fans with its unique combination of top-notch Hollywood entertainment and mouth-watering recipes. During each week’s movie, hosts Paul Gilmartin and Lisa Kushell along with chef Claud Mann gave step-by-step recipes for dishes while watching along and providing biting commentary on the movies. They were occasionally joined by such celebrities as Kelsey GrammerJoan CusackKathy GriffinBeverly D’AngeloAnthony Michael HallJaneane GarofaloBradley Whitford, comedian Margaret ChoChristine Ebersole and Dave Foley.

Recipes on DINNER & A MOVIE, created by top-rated chef Mann, included such delicious offerings as “May the Borscht Be With You” (Spaceballs), “Steaming Pork Buns with ‘Oh, What a Filling’” (Flashdance), “‘Ham Radio’ Marconi & Cheese” (Pump Up the Volume) and “Terrestrial Tarts with Loose Morels” (Earth Girls Are Easy).

DINNER & A MOVIE’s success lead to the development of several brand extensions and merchandising ventures, including two cookbooks and a double compact disk.