Prods_Thumbnail_ppPOSSESSED POSSESSIONS was a TLC 2-hour special about the mysterious and compelling subject of possessed possessions, including haunted artwork, furniture and collectibles. The Host was spiritual medium James Van Praagh.

POSSESSED POSSESSIONS introduced us to real people who owned objects they felt were somehow cursed, possessed or haunted. They gathered on the historic ocean liner, The Queen Mary, one of the most haunted places on record. Expert paranormal investigators and psychics analyzed each object and tried to connect with any spirits that were haunting their owners.

POSSESSED POSSESSIONS also visited several psychic “hot spots” on-board The Queen Mary and explored suspected ghostly activity, measured paranormal phenomenon, and intuited messages from the Beyond by world-renowned psychomotrists.

POSSESSED POSSESSIONS premiered on TLC on Halloween Night, October 31, 2005.