Prods_Thumbnail_snsFor mystery lovers trying to detect the finest in investigative programming, the search lead to one place – the Court TV Saturday Night Solution. Norsemen Television Productions created a show where every week, the lab work came to life through Court TV’s evening of all-original programming, alongside a hosted in-depth look at the ever-expanding world of forensics.

The Saturday Night Solution brought Court TV viewers what they love the most – fun facts about investigation, science and puzzle solving. With hosts Dave Holmes and Kristen Eykel, the Saturday Night Solution wrapped around an intriguing three hours of Court TV’s signature shows. Dave and Kristen cracked open such topics as High Tech Forensics, DNA Evidence, Profiling, Famous Detectives, and Spies.

With the kind of expertise that only Court TV can provide, the Saturday Night Solution was the intelligent way to enjoy a night of investigation.

152 Episodes.